Hotel "Nikitin” is not only one of the best hotels in Nizhny Novgorod, but architectural monument with rich history.

nikitin-for-webThe father of this modern hotel is Nikolai Nikitin (1828-1913), the great Moscow architect, restorer, archaeologist. Nikitin was one of the pioneers of the well-known "Russian style", more familiar to us as "neoclassicism" in architecture. Being a native of Moscow, Nikolai presented almost all of his work for people of this beautiful city. In addition, as a member of the Moscow Union of Architects Nikitin studied many historical and architectural monuments. Among them, the Kremlin in Serpukhov, Sukharev Tower, the Church of the Vladimir Icon in Ogorodniki, Voznesenski Monastery Church, Church of the Nativity in Nizhny Novgorod (not saved), body of Chudov monastery.

Besides researching activities Nikolai Nikitin was an architect during construction of large profitable houses, style of which combines the best of European and Russian architecture.

0_4ac1a_f6bdaf53_XLIn 1890 using this style he built the profitable house near the modern Strelka – the place of confluence of two great Russian rivers – Volga and Oka. At that time there was an active fair trade, attracting many merchants, patrons and just rich people to Nizhny Novgorod, so the profitable house near the fair was in demand. In contrast to Western profitable houses of that time the building of a modern hotel "Nikitin" differed of internal aristocratic style.

a9cc0974ee8640414863488bdfe_prevJudge for yourself - five-meter high ceilings, windows in an eclectic style, the columns in the restaurant and lobby, wrought iron doors and a luxurious hall. All this is in stark contrast with European profitable houses of that period. Except the aesthetic component, it is very pleased to be in bright, airy rooms.

In 2012 the building of the hotel “Nikitin” was restored, the exclusivity and uniqueness of the style was saved.

Today “Nikitin” is one of the best hotels in Nizhniy Novgorod, where you can become the particle of the history.